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VAT refund services

Does your business have an international character? Did you pay the price including local VAT when purchasing goods and services abroad and would you like to get it back?

We would like to offer you our assistance in this matter. We can prepare the claim, communicate with foreign Tax Authorities and review the legitimacy of your claim for VAT refund.

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Excise duty refund

Do you fill up with diesel in Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Spain or Slovenia? Did you notice that besides VAT you pay also excise duty on diesel oil? And do you know how much?

If you have trucks or buses, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to get the excise duty back as well. Do not be satifisied just with VAT refund and catch all possibilites.

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EU VAT registration

Do you have a business aborad? Are you supplying the services or selling goods to other countries in EU? Do you need to become a VAT payer in some European country?

In this case, we can assist EU companies by taking VAT registration and help with the performance of all tax obligations during the VAT registration, so you can get your business to the right start. 

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Training & consulting

Are you a financial director or an accountant? Would you like to be update with current VAT legislation? Do you know how to submit claims to EU yourself?

Our company provide a phone and email consultation. If you are advanced in TAX services, however you have a problem with some kind of TAX issue, then choose this service. We can also provide you with tailored training for your staff.

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