TaxCura: new company with yearly experience

The foundation stone of company was laid in 2017, when several friends have created a unique culture, based on strong values. Establishment of the company TaxCura, s.r.o. started a dynamic development, connected with strategic focus on significant market segments with long-time perspective. After taking systematic steps and aimed acquisitions, TaxCura gradually became an important business partner of many companies. The business activities of our company group have been in great measure oriented on the European market. Wide scope of activities and large market share mean for TaxCura a stabilizing security of access to national and foreign market. TaxCura – means tradition, quality and expertise, which is a result of long-term and systematic development.


Meet our co-founders
Robert Schejbal
Robert Schejbalco-founder
Mr. Robert Schejbal has a master degree from Czech Technical Univerzity in Prague. His primary field is economics of road transport. After 6 years of working for VAT company he decide to left the company and establish the new one together with colleague Aneta. Their goal is improving the quality of tax services and customers satisfaction. Apart from his experiance from tax world, he is also IT expert. Thanks to knowledge from taxes and IT he is able to reach a maximum automation in preparation of claims. You can speak with Robert in English, or Czech language.
Aneta Müllerová
Aneta Müllerováco-founder
Mrs. Aneta Mullerova as a co-founder of company TaxCura has master degree from University of Economics in Prague. Her areas of specialization are macroeconomics and international economics. After school she started to work for Czech company as a VAT consultant for Czech, Slovak and Italian companies. During this time she was engaged in education of taxes. Currently she is preparing for getting a certification as a Tax Advisor. She is looking forward to meeting you to discuss your vat issue. You can speak with Aneta in English, Italian, or Czech language.